Avenue Rd

Ultra-luxurious Lifestyle Property: Avenue Road, Mosman

Presenting the stunning luxurious property that will provide you with the new meaning of privacy and peace. The beauty of this place is that its appealing construction design compliments the beautiful streetscape of Avenue Rd along with maintaining the exclusivity of the heritage architecture located next door. Situated in Mosman, Avenue road is one of the most lavish streets in Sydney for lifestyle living and experiencing ultimate travelling convenience around Sydney. With busses and ferries available throughout the day, Avenue road is just minutes away from the CBD and the luxurious amenities of military road. The architecture is the true epitome of luxurious beauty.

The original architectural design involved keeping the existing building intact and converting it from 4 units into 2 ultra-modern home-style units. Later the decision was made that the contemporary building will be replaced by the exclusive new building to add a lot more value and enhance the beauty of the streetscape.
The cliff face located at the property rear was the most challenging obstacle in the construction of this project. Once this obstacle had been cleared from the cliff, it became evident that the underlying rock was not completely stable and then it got fixed by implementing an innovative stabilizing technique. The cliff face (which is relates to 2 adjoining properties, both above) contains 6m rock bolts strategically placed as to stabilize larger segment; also a galvanized mesh was placed over the whole cliff and a 300mm concrete was placed above it. The aesthetics of the cliff face were of prime concern as there is no backyard to these properties, so the shot create was crafted with care by hand and painted to replicate real rocks and landscapes with beautiful natives.

A smart and intelligent approach while constructing the building was required as the height of the building was restricted by the council and also excavating under the site was not permitted. This led to innovative plumbing, ducting and electrical design. The basement levels were also critical to allow natural drainage and sufficient head height to enable wheel chair access from a car in the garage.

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