Bromley Avenue

Redefining Heritage Living: Bromley Ave, Cremorne Point

4 Bromley Ave, Cremorne is a heritage house tastefully designed to blend regal ambience with luxury. Located at the lower north shore, the house demanded some redecoration and reconfiguration at the time of acquisition. Special attention was given to reconfigure the rear access and opening up the rear dining and entertainment area. This stunning heritage house is blessed with the heavenly view of Mosman Bay from its master bedroom and formal private lounge.
Alterations and Additions:

Recent installation of a lift from the existing two car garage to the house level and includes a stop level at the mid level terrace garden.

The rear section of the existing sunroom will incorporate an atrium that will extend the living space and allow internal access from the lift.

The alteration and addition work is aimed at enhancing its heritage appeal and give it a classic yet appealing makeover.

A development application had been filed with North Sydney Council round the end of 2009. The application was for addition of a complete floor to the house by duplicating the lower section and then placing the existing roof back on top of the new floor. The result will create a mesmerizing two-storey house similar to the adjoining properties. Despite proposed floor development, its original heritage appeal will be maintained. The impact on the neighborhood will be minimal and from the public viewpoint, it will be seen as giving the house a new smile after a missing tooth has been rectified.

North Sydney Council has rejected the original application and John Griffin has made application to the Land & Environment Court to review the application again.

The new makeover will deliver a true one-of-its-kind luxury heritage experience emulating through is awe-inspiring features. Just drop in your contact details in ?Contact Us? section or email us at ---email address--. Soon a dedicated representative from Griffin group will get in touch with you!