Cromdale St, Mortdale

Cromdale St, Mortdale

This lovely property is the perfect combination of both convenience and comfort.

Originally, the site used to contain a single weatherboard home on a large piece of land. The original house was sold after splitting the house in half and then it got relocated to a property in Davidston.

The original concept was to develop four beautiful townhouses, but after consultation with the council, a new DCP was proposed allowing the full use of attic space. To covert the concept into a beautiful construction, a five home style complex had been filed with Hurstville Council. Despite some resistance by adjoining neighbors; the project was approved by the land and environment court.

A vital building component of the design was the removal of rock to make way for spacious garages with narrow access for machinery. Beautiful timber finishes were used for the units and the last two townhouses in the block were able to utilize a cliff face at the rear for some interesting landscaping. The whole project offers a unique sense of pride and premium living style!

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