Great food, natural quality environments, world-class tourist destinations, leisure activities, and adventure spots have made Australia an exotic destination for world travelers. Leisure and tourism are two key areas that have triggered the interest of potential investors in developing world-class premium hotels around Australia.

The ?Australian Experience? is the perfect blend of adventure, leisure, business, and heritage holidaying. Australia offers world-class hotels, heritage architectures, finest restaurants, historical museums, exotic beaches, and much more to lure investors from around the globe to invest in its booming hotel business. Australian is now perfectly set for decades-long boom in accommodation facilities and hotel construction; moreover, a wide range of new developments have already started to shape up to transform its hotel industry.

Tanshell Holding, the parent company of Griffin Construction and Development has taken full advantage of this boom through its acquisition of the Fitzroy Inn; the boutique hotel is one of the finest country inns in the scenic Southern Highlands of New South Wales. The Fitzroy Inn started its journey in 1836, and today the restored hotel offers luxurious accommodation to its visitors along with delivering them a unique peek into Australia?s colonial past.

Upon acquisition, Griffin Construction and Construction and development was appointed for the restoration of the existing hotel structures, as well as to design and develop an additional 24 rooms, making the Fitzroy Inn a 30 room hotel by October 2016.

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