Phillip St

Luxury Sky Property: Stanton Rd

This existing house on the original land piece was an ex commission house. Number 1 Phillip St was purchased first with the intention to purchase number 3 Phillip St from the department of housing. The master plan this property spells out luxury and comfort.

A detailed proposal was submitted to the department of housing as explaining the benefits associated with the consolidation of the land and how it will create an additional 14 residences in proximity to the railway station. The proposal also explained how the consolidation will free up monies for the department to provide more suitable housing towards the west.

The building was designed with basement parking which was one of the unique features associated with other area building at that time. By creating underground parking, it made space to develop additional units in the airspace above enhancing the viability of the project.

The units themselves were designed to be large 2 bedroom family style apartments (120m2) with large balconies (30m2).This aspect of the development gave an excellent sales and rental outcome.