Roberts Road

Roberts Rd, Mortdale

This site was originally a successful, family owned service station. Favorable topography of the land mixed with the steady economic growth of the area created lucrative opportunity to develop multiple dwellings with underground parking; such dwellings were the first one within the area.

After many negotiation rounds with Hurstville council, a suitable and sustainable design was finalized. The design incorporated ten units with two bedrooms each, two retail shops and associated underground parking.
Consideration was given in the initial design to construct units that are suitable for disabled access. It was during the construction phase of the development that an extensive marketing campaign was undertaken to sell the disabled units. After receiving negligible amount of inquiries, the relative associations were being contacted and a circular was sent to all disabled people nationwide to advertising the construction. With still no responses, the units were redesigned into an attractive construction that could meet the demand of the area. It would appear that disabled people are more accustomed to adapting existing housing to accommodate their disabilities.

It became evident during the construction phase that the top five units would benefit from a mezzanine floor in the roof space over the bedrooms. This decision got approval from Hurstville council and a section 96 application was lodged. The resulting accommodation has been converted into a desirable and comfortable place to stay which has already generated an overwhelming response.

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