Stanton Rd

Luxury Sky Property: Stanton Rd

Located at one of the exotic locations of Sydney, this luxurious property provides an exclusive modern style of living with an undemanding contemporary feel. Located at Balmoral slopes in Mosman, the ultra modern residential development inspires its owners to live life to its fullest.

Originally, this residential development had been built in 1936 for an American textile merchant. During the conception phase of the project, consideration was given whether to retain the existing duplex configuration or instead develop a single dwelling. After careful examination and inspection, developers got to know about its impressive strength and quality of construction. It was then decided to use the existing structure and renovate it completely to give it a luxurious makeover.

The existing structure proved to be beneficial to developers; however, it demanded quality brainstorming during the designing phase to ensure that the new architecture would meet the highest quality and comfort standards to satisfy the most demanding consumers in this area. The luxurious construction incorporates a lift to its top unit and excavates a 4 car underground parking garage to provide a viable style of living.

The initial proposal design required permission from Mosman Council to create a recreation area in the existing roof space in order incorporate a large outdoor open recreation area. Unfortunately, the proposal was objected by the neighbours and rejected by the land & environment court. Subsequently, a separate application had been filed which resulted in converting the large roof space area into a premium sky lounge with lift access.

Renovation had been carried out to give a fresh and modern makeover to different building aspects. At the rear, balconies were added and the existing garage was converted into a lower bedroom; moreover, living area and the front was extended by 2m to provide additional relaxing space. Also all windows were replaced with eco friendly windows to allow cross flow ventilation. The front eves were extended to 900mm which is a rare building practice known as ?passive shading?; the idea was to minimize the effect of excessive sunlight in summer and maximize solar access in winter for a comforting stay. Don?t wait, come and experience the true luxury living at Stanton Road.

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