Yarramundi, Hurstville

Yarramunidi is an original house of Hurstville built in 1890 by John Sproul, then the mayor of Hurstville. Hurstville Council has retained the original house as a heritage item. Coupled with subtle character and premium craftsmanship, the house is empowered to deliver quality heritage living style to its owners.
The project was a joint venture between Tanshell Pvt. Ltd. and the DA, attached to the purchase retained the old house but divided it into 2 flats. The balance of the land incorporated 2 townhouses, and twelve, two bedroom units.
After purchase it was decided to amend the DA, approved by Hurstville Council to incorporate following changes.

  • The site was reconfigured and community titled. This allowed the heritage item (the house) to have its own title.
  • The original house was changed to a single dwelling.
  • A lift was added to the main block of 12 units.
  • A garage was added to the rear of the original house incorporating direct access from the garage and a terrace.
  • The original house was restored and renovated to its original condition by John Griffin Construction. The renovation work included installation of a kitchen and some minor reconfiguration to match the original Victorian Style lower section of the house and the later (dates not known) top floor addition in Art Deco style. The original fireplaces are exquisite and have been restored to its original state. A double garage terrace and off street parking was also added to match the original style.

    The project was successful and was sold in two parcels as a house and a development site. The house is provides you with uncompromising living spaces to gift you your dream home you've always desired.